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A call for LGBT stories for upcoming Storyteller event

March 9, 2018 - Events, LGBT Community - , , ,

Kristen Chapman Gibbons, a well known local curator of storytelling, is calling for participants in an upcoming storyteller project in partnership with TEP and Metro Arts.

Gibbons recently posted this plea on social media:

“Are you in the LGBTQ community here in Nashville?

Might you give me an hour of your time for an oral history project? This is an arts collaboration with TEP and Metro Arts.

I will meet you one-on-one for about an hour. This project is audio-only and is around the theme of employment. You do not have to have any particular kind of story and no last names are used.

My deadline is 3/26, with a night of shared stories at abrasiveMedia, Friday, March 30. 7pm

PM with questions or to schedule a time.”

We interviewed Gibbons for a story in our January+February issue. You can read that here.

To contact Kristen Chapman Gibbons, find her on Facebook or follow her True Stories Let Loose social media page.