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LGBT Musician Kenna Releases “In The Grey”

December 11, 2018 - Articles -
By Focus Staff
Nashville-based LGBT artist Kenna has released her latest EP titled In The Grey. The album has a recurring theme of beautiful uncertainty. The Grey is the space between the high and lows of life, where we heal and grow. Kenna’s vocals project that rare humanity one finds only in the most natural artists. Whether it be a destined-to-fail relationship in “Shoulda Known”, embracing vulnerability in “Haunt’d”, and finally culminating in that moment of release in “Floodgates”, when you realize that it’s okay to live in the questions.
Contrasting airy synths, questing vocals and warm distorted guitars,‘ In the Grey’ is a call to arms for those who need to connect. Recorded and produced by Kenna and Jared Anderson in his home studio Aka The Jungle, the EP is an eclectic mix of a pop, indie and singer/songwriter vibe, bending genre standards and creating the perfect combination of soft and strong. In The Grey reflects the real shit that exists in the in between space of life. Each track is crafted with authenticity, painting a grey portrait of inspiration from life all around.
To listen to In The Grey, click here:
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