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Mewsic Kitty Café

Every Day is Purrfect at Mewsic Kitty Café

February 14, 2019 - Articles, Community, LGBT Community, Middle Tennessee, Nashville, Pet Focus - , , , , , , , , ,
by Jojo Lorentson | Photos provided by Mewsic Kitty Café


Not too long ago, Meagan and Thien Phan had a hairbrained idea that was inspired by this little café in Charleston, South Carolina. This unique café had the most curious staff — cats. The café, Pounce, made money from folks coming in and paying to play with the kitties as well as the coffee shop component. The niftiest part is that Pounce had all of their kitties up for adoption just as much for affection.


This really spurred our intrepid and curious entrepreneurs to make this a thing in Nashville.


So, in the summer and fall of 2017, they partnered up with a café on West End Ave. to see if they could run a ‘Pop-Up’ campaign to show kittens for adoption. These went so well that our entrepreneurs decided to pursue a permanent building for their kitty café, and to offer a wider range of ages in the cats that would be their stars.


Once they had found their home, they decided they were ready to open in April of 2018 and Mewsic Kitty Café was born.


All of the kitties that live in the café have their own stage names because they were the stars of the show. Our entrepreneurs were so thrilled that their creativity went wild coming up with the purrfect names for their stars.


Some of those names include: Alanis Morisscat, Elvis Purrsley, Catsy Cline, David Meowie, and so very many more. Meagan says that there is a list they keep of potential stage names for their stars as they come and go.


Now, here’s the truly beautiful part of their café. They have partnered up with Nashville Cat Rescue (NCR), so the café fosters all these beautiful stars for the rescue. As the stars get adopted, some do keep their names while others change. At first the café looked to keep between 12 to 15 cats in house at a time. But they’ve found that their collection has naturally grown to an average of 18 cats.


Our entrepreneurs welcome anyone who wants to help out. It does come with reward — the chance to interact with cute felines all day. People can apply to do so through the website for NCR to help with not only the café’s cats, but many more cats needing help throughout their foster homes and shelters.


If you are looking to just have a good time, you will find a wide range of cats here. The café ladies bring the kitties in starting at the youngest age of four months all the way up to, and possibly beyond, their oldest star at eight years. This wide range of ages ensures that all the cats have a fair shot at finding their furever homes.


Beyond the age ranges, these entrepreneurs bring in a vast variety of every size, color, and even breed of cats you can think of. They always have lots of the black beauties in the café just waiting for their special someone to love them. The adoption rates for these black cats are higher than is generally found in shelters and rescues. Seeing them interact with the other cats instills a sense of normalcy and dispels that stigma of these beauties being unlucky.


All the cats that come to the café have received a thorough screening by NCR for health and hospitality with other cats as well as humans, so these stars will be the most social and loveable babies you’ll ever meet.


For more information, visit mewsickittycafe.com

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