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Love, faith and a journey

May 6, 2018 - Faith + Spirituality

by Laura Valentine  |  Photos courtesy of Elliott and Phildora Prigmore-Lewis On the surface, the LGBT+ community and Pentecostal Church don’t seem like communities with a natural affinity for each other, but Elliott and Phildora Prigmore-Lewis have found their spiritual home at Mt. Pisgah Fellowship,…

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Come As You Are: Open Table Christian Church gives ‘community’ a new meaning

September 1, 2017 - Articles, Faith + Spirituality, Middle Tennessee, Tennessee

by Open Table Christian Church For far too many, “church” is a dirty word, and for some, “Christian” may be even worse. Many members of Open Table Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) have been burned in the past by churches and Christians, too, but they…

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Laura Bohling

Laura Bohling: A Period of Reconstruction

August 21, 2017 - Articles, Faith + Spirituality, Laura Bohling, LGBT Advocate, LGBT Ally, LGBT Community, LGBT Youth, Middle Tennessee, Politician, State Representative

by Michael Wells | photo courtesy of Eric England Laura Bohling wants you to know you can’t hurt her. She considers herself to be in a unique position, feeling more powerful than ever before, and after a period of deconstruction and rebirth, she’s using her…

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