Focus Middle Tennessee’s 2018 Candidate Survey Results

Focus Middle Tennessee Survey of
Middle Tennessee Candidates
on the August 2, 2018 Ballot


In June, we invited every candidate in the Middle Tennessee area (certified per Ballotpedia) running for TN Governor, U.S. Senate, U.S. House, TN Senate, and TN House to participate in the survey. We wanted to give them a chance to answer questions about LGBT+ equality issues. We invited the 200 candidates and had 34 responses with one candidate running for two offices. We sincerely thank all of the candidates and/or their representatives who took the time to participate in the survey. Once the primaries are completed after the August 2, 2018 elections, we will update this listing with the primary winners who are moving on to the general election on November 6, 2018. For more information on the survey, click here. For important election dates and Tennessee voter information, click here.

Focus magazine does not endorse any political candidate. We do encourage all citizens to exercise their right to vote and be heard.



For Middle Tennessee Candidates who responded to the survey in any way, a pdf of their response is posted via link below.

• a candidate may have given yes/no answers only
• a candidate may have given yes/no answers plus comments about their answer
• a candidate may have given only their name and office for which they’re running and skipped the policy questions

If a candidate did any one of these, the pdf of their individual response is below.

For candidates who did not respond to the survey invitation, there is no survey report. If any of your candidates did not respond, contact them directly for information on their stances.

A note about Q26 – “Do you believe the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (Public Law No: 103-141) gives for-profit businesses the right to refuse service to LGBT+ individuals?”. After further review Focus Middle Tennessee decided there was a discrepancy with how this question might be viewed from a true legal standpoint vs how the law should be interpreted. In the interest of fairness to all candidates, we opted to omit this question from the survey results.



TN Governer

Diane Black (R)
Randy Boyd (R)
Beth Harwell (R)
Bill Lee (R)
Basil J. Marceaux Sr. (R)
Kay White (R)
Mark E. Clayton (D)
Karl Dean (D)
Craig Fitzhugh (D)
Mezianne Vale Payne (D)
Mark "CoonRippy" Brown (I)

Sherry L. Clark (I)
Justin Cornett (I)
Gabriel Fancher (I)
Sean Bruce Fleming (I)
William Andrew Helmstetter (I)
Cory King (I)
Matthew Koch (I)
Tommy Ray McAnally (I)
Jessie D. McDonald (I)
Toney Randall Mitchell (I)
Yvonne Neubert (I)
Alfred Shawn Rapoza (I)

Chad Riden (I)
Robert Sawyers Sr. (I)
Heather Scott (I)
George Blackwell Smith IV (I)
Jeremy Allen Stephenson (I)
Tracy C. Yaste Tisdale (I)
Mike Toews (I)
Rick Tyler (I)
Vinnie Vineyard (I)
Patrick Whitlock (I)
Joe B. Wilmoth (I)
Mark Wright (I)

TN State Senate

Marsha Blackburn (R)
Aaron L. Pettigrew (R)
Phil Bredesen (D)
Gary Davis (D)
John Wolfe (D)
Trudy A. Austin (I)
John Carico (I)
Dean Hill (I)
Kevin Lee McCants (I)
Breton Phillips (I)
Kris L. Todd (I)

U.S. House District 4, southern Middle Tennessee

Scott DesJarlais (R)
Jack Maddux (R)
Christopher J. Hale (D)
Mariah Phillips (D)
Steven Reynolds (D)
Michael Shupe (I)

U.S. House District 5, Nashville

Jody M. Ball (R)
Glen Dean (R)
Jim Cooper (D)

U.S. House District 6, Middle Tennessee

Bob Corlew (R)
Judd Matheny (R)
Christopher Brian Monday (R)
John Rose (R)
Lavern "Uturn LaVern" Vivio (R)
Dawn Barlow (D)
Christopher Martin Finley (D)
Peter Heffernan (D)
Merrilee Wineinger (D)
Lloyd Dunn (I)
David Ross (I)

U.S. House District 7, western Middle Tennessee

Mark. E. Green (R)
Justin Kanew (D)
Matt Reel (D)
Leonard D. (Lenny) Ladner (I)
Brent Legendre (I)

TN Senate District 13

Ernest Burgess (R)
Dawn White (R)
Kelly Northcutt (D)
Ginger Smith (I)

TN Senate District 15

Paul Bailey (R)
Angela Hedgecough (D)

TN Senate District 17

Mark Pody (R)
Mary Alice Carfi (D)

TN Senate District 19

Brenda Gilmore (D)
Howard E. Jones Jr. (D)
Sandra Moore (D)
George Thomas (D)
Christina Callaway (I)
Reuben Dockery (I)

TN Senate District 21

Jeff Yarbro (D)

TN Senate District 23

Jack Johnson (R)
Kristen M. Grimm (D)

TN Senate District 25

Kerry Roberts (R)
Wade Munday (D)

TN House District 25

Cameron Sexton (R)
Anne F. Quillen (D)

TN House District 31

Ron Travis (R)
Dean M. Sparks (D)

TN House District 34

Tim Rudd (R)
Jennifer Vannoy (D)

TN House District 37

Charlie Baum (R)
Deanna Debow Osborne (D)

TN House District 38

Kelly Keisling (R)
Carol Venea' Abney (D)

TN House District 39

Richard R.C. Helton (R)
Iris Rudder (R)
Sloan Andrew Stewart (R)
Sharon "Layne" Adams (D)

TN House District 40

Terri Lynn Weaver (R)
Chad Z. Williams (R)
Jason Holleman (D)

TN House District 41

Ed Butler (R)
John Mark Windle (D)

TN House District 42

Ryan Williams (R)
Terry Scott (D)

TN House District 43

Paul Sherrell (R)
Jerry Lowery (R)
Les Trotman (D)

TN House District 44

William Lamberth (R)
Rachel Mackey (D)

TN House District 45

Avery L. Field (R)
Johnny C. Garrett (R)
Hana Ali (D)

TN House District 46

Clark Boyd (R)
Menda McCall Holmes (R)
Mark Cagle (D)
Faye Northcutt-Knox (D)

TN House District 47

Rush Bricken (R)
Ronnie Holden (R)
Mike Winton (D)

TN House District 48

Bryan Terry (R)
Matt H. Ferry (D)

TN House District 49

Mike Sparks (R)
Tim Morrell (R)
Chris Mayor (D)
Richard C. Petty (D)

TN House District 50

Judd Cowan (R)
Bo Mitchell (D)

TN House District 51

Bill Beck (R)
Trey Palmedo (R)
Randell Stroud (I)

TN House District 52

Mike Stewart (D)

TN House District 53

Amberlee' Brooks (R)
Jason Powell (D)
David J. Dennison (I)

TN House District 54

Lola Brown (D)
Terry Clayton (D)
Scott Davis (D)
Vincent Dixie (D)
John "Big John" Smith (I)

TN House District 55

John Ray Clemmons (D)

TN House District 56

Brent Moody (R)
Joseph Williams (R)
Bob Freeman (D)

TN House District 57

Susan Lynn (R)
Aaron Shane (R)
Jordan Cole (D)

TN House District 58

Harold Love Jr. (D)
Leah Dupree (D)

TN House District 59

David R. Birdsong (R)
Jason Potts (D)
Kyle Southern (D)

TN House District 60

Darren Jernigan (D)

TN House District 61

Gino Bulso (R)
Rebecca Ann Burke (R)
Jeff Ford (R)
Robert Hullett (R)
Brandon Ogles (R)
Terrence A. Smith (R)
Rebecca Purington (D)

TN House District 62

Pat Marsh (R)
Marty Davis (D)

TN House District 63

Glen Casada (R)
Bill Peach (D)

TN House District 64

Scott E. Cepicky (R)
Michael A. Fulbright (R)
A.J. Holmes (D)
James Gray (I)

TN House District 65

Sam Whitson (R)
Toby L. Shaffer (D)

TN House District 66

Sabi Kumar (R)
Larry Proffitt (D)
David Ross (I)

TN House District 67

Tommy J. Vallejos (R)
Jason Hodges (D)
Houston Rye (D)
John W. Dawson (I)

TN House District 68

Curtis Johnson (R)
Dennis Potvin (D)

TN House District 69

Michael Curcio (R)
Eddie Johnson (D)

TN House District 70

Barry Doss (R)
Clay Doggett (R)
Jessica B. Yokley (D)
Roy Donald Waldrop (I)

TN House District 71

David Byrd (R)
Frankie G. Floied (D)

TN House District 74

Jay Reedy (R)
Billy Borchert (D)

TN House District 78

Mary Littleton (R)
John E. Patrick (D)

TN House District 92

Rick Tillis (R)
Billy Spivey (R)
C.S. "Scott" Coffey (D)