Leah Wright


I’m a native of Middle Tennessee currently living in Oak Grove, KY with James, my husband of nearly 14 years. I grew up in a small town with a rather narrow view of the world. I am thankful that life took me from there to the Paducah, KY area, then to Tullahoma, TN, and finally to Nashville. I realized there’s an entire world out that I was not aware of growing up. I learned about racism and tolerance, bigotry and love. I learned to appreciate what makes us different and respect others, even if I may not always agree with their viewpoints. Most of all, I learned who I am.

I’m a lover of Doctor Who (Oh, brilliant!) and an avid reader. I’m an antique store wanderer and a novice seamstress. I’m a writer, grad school student, wife, and friend. I’ve fallen in love with the arts and see them as being a stunning medium for awareness and change, as well as a way to express the deepest of emotions. I cannot sing, so music is an escape. I lack the coordination for dancing, but find such joy in movement. I have never attempted to act, but find myself completely drawn into the shows I see on stage. I want to share my love of the arts with others and draw in those who might not otherwise consider seeing a music performance or a play. I want them to laugh with the comedians who want to share laughter, and find joy and heartbreak in the words shared on stage. I hope to share my joy and love as much as possible through my contributions to Focus Middle Tennessee.